Website’s Terms of Use

‘Secretour’ website’s Terms of Use


  1. ‘Secretour’ website (hereinafter: ‘the blog’) provides a platform and recommendations of hotels in Israel and around the world. You are welcome to be a part of it subject to your agreement of the following Terms of Use.
  2. The use of this website and all of its content and offered services, files download, media such as images and videos, and the different content offered to the visitors might change from time to time or according to the type of content.
  3. It is under the website management’s authority to publish or erase comments. If comments that in the website management’s judgement aren’t appropriate for publication will be written, they will be permanently erased without an early warning.
  4. When entering the website, you are confirming that you have read the Term of Use and that you are over 18 years of age.

Intellectual property

  1. The website, as all of its information including the design, code, media files, graphics, images, texts, files offered to download and any other material presented on the website, are folly owned by ‘Secretour’ and are not to be used.
  2. It is prohibited to distribute, copy, duplicate, imitate or process any pieces of code, graphics, videos, trademarks, or any other media and content without a written approval from ‘Secretour’ management.
  3. Images that appear on the website and aren’t owned by ‘Secretour’ will be marked by ‘Credit’. The website’s management do not claim copy rights of those images and don’t own them.
  4. If an image was published on the website and is breaching its creators’ copyrights, please contact the website’s management and it will be soon removed.

The website’s content

  1. The material and recommendations on the website are written according to the website’s manager, Maya Levi, personal experience and the experience of ‘Secretour’ clients or the blog’s readers.
  2. The website’s management aspired to provide the information presented on the websites without disturbances but disturbances in the website’s availability might occur due to technical considerations, third party hitches and other reasons.
  3. The website’s management cannot commit that the website will be available at any time and will not provide a financial or any other compensation of any kind due to a cease of the service/cancelation of the website.
  4. ‘Secretout’ will not be responsible of the use of its content, including indirect damages, and the responsibility is subject only to the user.
  5. The contents offered on the website are exclusively owned by ‘Secretout’ and aren’t to be used in a contradictory manner to the mentioned in this Terms of Use. Excluding cases in which it was differently mentioned or cases in which it was mentioned that the copyrights belong to an external entity. In those mentioned cases the Terms of use are to be checked on the attached link and act according to the external website that owns the content.

Management of the website’s users and visitors

  1. The website’s management have the right to block any user or IP address without having to provide an explanation.
  2. The website’s management/team will do anything in their power to protect the registered users’ information. In cases in which a third body will manage to gain access to personal information, it is hereby agreed that the surfers, users and members of the website will not have any prosecution, claim or legal demand towards the website.

Proper disclosure

  1. Some of the links published on this website, might be affiliates’ links, meaning the website will credited with a commission if a purchase through the link will take place.
  2. The deal’s rate will remain the same whether it will be made via the affiliates’ links or directly through the linked website. Therefore, it is important for us that your reservation/booking will be made through the link that way the blog will be financed and will continue to operate!

Affiliates programs

  1. Going to a different website using the links on the website, is under the users personal consideration and not under ‘Secretour’ responsibility.
  2. The website’s management aren’t responsible to the links’ content, availability, quality, errors, hitches or any other change that will be made by the linked website.
  3. Executing an action using the link, including purchasing a product, will be under the user’s responsibility and that of the website from which the product was ordered.
  4. ‘Secretour’ will not hold the responsibility for a deal and its quality, will not be considered an active side of the deal and will not be responsible of any full or partial damage or a failure of compensation.
  5. The website or the linked website might use ‘cookies’ (especially for registered users and subscribers) as well as internal statistics interfaces in order to keep an anonymous statistical documentation of the surfers and analysis of the surfers movements, clicks analysis and the duration of staying on a website. At any time and excluding surfers that are connected to the website, the kept information is completely anonymous and doesn’t hold the user’s name or any other identifying piece of information.
  6. The gathered information allows an ongoing proper and optimal operation of the website.
  7. Our affiliates might use non-personal information in order to help and analyze the website’s movement, understand the clients’ needs and trends and perform focused sales promotion. They might use a non-personal information on its own or accumulate it with other information received from different sources in order to create reports of data research and other information, which they might share with third bodies.

Third body publication

  1. We might use a third body advertising company in order to present advertisements on the website. Those companies might use non-personal information concerning you visit on the website and present advertisements of products and services you might be interested in.


  1. A jurisdiction while using the website and if any controversy was erupted, you are hereby agreeing that the mentioned above is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Israeli law, while using the Israeli court system only in Haifa region.

Changes to the agreement

  1. The website’s management have the right to update the mentioned above Terms of Use from time to time and without a warning or special reference on the website’s different channels.
  2. Further use of the website after any change to this privacy policy, meaning that you have agreed to the change that was made to the website and/or its Terms of Use.


  1. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us.