Recommendations for visitors in London

My affair with London started when I was 17, when I first flew there. I enjoyed the weather, the beautiful streets, the double-decker bus, and the British soundtrack. Anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that at the age of 21 I lived in Brighton England, and since then I returned to London as many times as I could, almost every year and I just can’t get enough. Last June I visited London with my husband and daughters, Ariel and Doron, ages 3 and 6. That was the second time for us as a family, in London. Taking a trip with children in a big city is not easy and you should emotionally prepare yourselves for that in advance and know what to expect. If you’ll properly organize all in advance, you will be looking at a magical trip. So let’s go! Hit play on the following song and read the recommendations, the urge to go to London will increase… If you wondered where the video was taken, it's on the Hoxton street

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So… When to fly? Thant’s a good question. If possible, I recommend to fly on June, the weather fluctuates between warm and chilly, the city is not too packed with tourists, the lines are reasonable and if you’ll start planning the trip in advance you can find tickets in affordable rates. It is important to remember to take a coat and an umbrella with you, even on May and June, or buy a coat at Uniqlo. For a couple I recommend to fly to London throughout the entire year. On November and December, for example, you can enjoy the Christmas markets, the sales and Winterland which is a huge amusement park.


I love using Skyscanner search engine to look for flights, which compares between the different airlines. Just pay attention to the currency.

How many night should you be in London? As many as possible, but at least 5 full days.

Where to sleep? In the center, meaning London’s 1-2 areas.

London is divided into area and if you look at the map, imagine the shape of a bottle, this is actually its center.

Concerts in London

First thing, before or right after I book a flight, I check who performs in the city that time, Just search on that’s how we got lucky to go to Katy Perry’s concert.

Tourists bus

A much recommended way to get to know a new city. There are bus companies that operate tourists tour bus in a Hop on and Get off in stations as you please. Usually the tour is for a full day with many main stops around the city. You will be provided with headsets in which you can hear many explanations about the city (in English). The stops are located all around the city’s touristic areas. It is recommended to look for students or pensioners discount.





Plays in London

It is impossible to get to London and not see a play. It is recommended to go to Leicester Square where you will find a lot of stands that sale tickets and can get to half a price. If you’ll get there at a busy time or is you are a group of people, you can purchase tickets in advance on or through the plays’ official websites.

Among the plays I watched and loved a lot are Chicago, Thriller and The Sounds of Music.

Public transportation

Traveling in public transportation – Children under the age of 11 can ride for free when escorted by their parents, under the age of 15 they get a significant discount. The public transportation in London includes the underground train and buses.
Tickets options: Oyster – a charged card that can be bought at any underground train station and charge a certain amount. Travel card – a weekly charged card that can be bought only at  train stations (regular train) and it is required to add a passport photo of the card’s owner. I usually buy a weekly travel card ticket in order to receive a (1+1) benefits 2FOR1  and discounts in some places. For additional details, go to the following website and see in which sites you can get benefits: The advantage is a significant discount or benefit, the downside is that you’ll have to wait in line and you can’t book in advance. Uber application is recommended for those traveling with children or if you don’t like to walk a lot












Things to do in London

I’m sure there are plenty of recommendation on different forums and on Facebook about things to do in London. My main recommendation is to divide the day to areas since London is enormous! For first time tourists, taking the double-decker bus that shows al of the city’s main sites will be worthy. Take into consideration that on Saturdays and Sundays the shops are open

only between 10 am to 6:00 pm (18:00). On Saturdays, for example, Portobello market in Notting hill is open, located in Kensington area which is on west London



If you are already there and traveling with children, I recommend you continue to Kensington gardens and the Diana playground, named after PrincessDiana


If you really are looking for a special and wonderful experience with the children, especially little girls, I recommend to book in advance a place for tea time in the Beauty & the Beast style at Kensington hotel


On Sundays I love going to Camden Town, eat delicatessens and continue from there across little Venice until I arrive to London Zoo, also in the discount list of the traveling card. After the zoo, go towards Regent Park and just enjoy the huge park which also have a playground, of course





On another day, go explore the sites – the Big Ben area, London Eye, the parliament house, and Sea Life and Shrek that my daughters really enjoyed.





We took another day and went to see the changing of the guards at the royal palace at 11:00 am. Keep yourselves up to date with the times at the website From there we continued to the beautiful Green Park.



Always check what’s in London during the time of your trip. Thanks to that, we found ourselves at a charming happening of all the shows running in London at Trafalgar Square – one of my personal favorite places in London.




What to do on a rainy London day with children?

First of all, you can spend hours of fun at Hemleys store on Regent Street and the Lego store on Leicester Square!!!




You can go shopping at Primark.

You can also go to Westfield mall, which have a super fun play room called Kidzania where the children become adults

– Ariel was a supermarket cashier, put down fire at a hotel and lots more. It is not cheap but you have a 1+1 with the travel card. Note that Westfield mall has two branches, the one mentioned is on Ariel Way, White City, London W12 7GF.



You can go to the previously recommended tea time. For a discounted tea time, look at the British Groupon website.



Have a wonderful time!


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