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My affair with London started when I was 17, which was the first time I flew there. I enjoyed the weather, the beautiful streets, the double-decker bus, and the British soundtrack. Anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that at the age of 21 I lived in Brighton England, and since then I returned to London as many times as I could, almost every year and I just can’t get enough.

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So when is the best time to fly? That’s a great question. I would recommend on June, when the weather still moves between hot and chilly, the city is not too packed with tourists, the lines are reasonable and if you’ll prepare in advance you can find tickets at a nice rate. On May and June it is important to bring a coat and an umbrella, or you can always buy a coat at Uniqlo.

.If you travel as a couple you can fly to London all year long, even November and December when the Christmas markets, the sales and Winterland take place

I love using Skyscanner search engine to look for flights, which compares between the different airlines. Just pay attention to the currency.

So let’s go! Hit play on the following song and read the recommendations, the urge to go to London will increase…

Where to sleep?

In the center, meaning areas 1-2. London is divided to areas and if you’ll look at the map you can imagine a shape of a bottle. This is, in fact, the center of London. As you go deeper into the center, the hotels’ rates will naturally rise.


Recommended and central hotels

I really do know a lot of hotels in London, some that I personally visited and some from feedbacks I got. I will recommend a few central good hotels. In London the rooms’ size is quite small if you compare to the standard hotel room size, so for those who want a more spacious room it is recommended to upgrade. Not all of the hotels have air-conditioning (I recommend those who does), not all have an elevator, at times the breakfast worthwhile and at times it’ll just make everything more expansive.

How to get from the airport to the hotel and back?

Without having any financial interest, I recommend on taking a driver called Ohad from Hadar travel. I used his services many times in the past and sent him many clients that were pleased. His phone number is +447971876490.

4 stars hotels

Amba Hotel Charing Cross

I have booked this hotel dozens of times and everybody were pleased without any exceptions.

First of all – Location, location, location!!! The best there is! Trafalgar square, a walking distance to Covent Garden, Bloomsbury, the River Thames and many more. It is a boutique hotel, of high quality and elegant, it has a good breakfast, excellent service, and for those who wish to have more spacious rooms I would recommend on upgrading.

I’ll tell you something interesting – If you’ll book an Executive room, at least for the time being, you will also have a free of charge access to the lounge where a free breakfast is served. You can add an extra bed for a child in a Deluxe room for an additional fee.

Images from hotel’s website

The Marylebone Hotel

Last June I visited a beautiful and chic boutique hotel, with pleasant and lovely rooms which is located 5 minutes’ walk from Oxford Street. The hotel has an indulging breakfast as well as a free of charge pool and classes to the hotel’s guests, such as Pilates and yoga. As for now, it’s not possible to add a baby crib in the small rooms, for your information.

The hotel also serves tea during tea time with extra charge.
In this photo you find myself and the hotel’s marketing manager Karole.


images by me

 The Bloomsbury Hotel

From the same family (ownership) as Marylebone, you have this boutique, elegant and pleasant hotel at a perfect location near Covent Garden. Clients told me that the standard rooms are a bit small and that a baby crib can’t be added to them, so it requires an upgrade to a room at a Deluxe category. There are rooms that a child’s bed can be added to with an additional fee. The breakfast at this hotel is good and during Christmas the hotel’s guests received presents next to the Christmas tree



Images from hotel’s website

Club Quarters Lincoln’s inn Fields

I love this chain so much. It approaches mostly to business men and therefore during the weekends you can find very good prices but. The rooms are clean and pretty and you can find in the hotel a free coffee and drinks stand. At the hotel’s lobby you’ll find snacks, a computer and printer stands as well as a fire place.

You should take in to consideration that the Club type of rooms are very small, while the Superior rooms are spacious and have a kitchenette. There are also rooms suitable for a couple with a child till the age of 12.

Images from hotel’s website

Melia White House

I have always loved the Spanish Melia chain. The hotel is a bit distant from the center which takes down the price. It is located next to 2 tube stations which is very comfortable and makes it accessible. You should take into consideration that the standard rooms are small and an upgrade might be required.

A pleasant and clean boutique hotel with excellent service and a good breakfast.



Images from hotel’s website

Holiday inn Regent Park

A 4 stars, simple and clean hotel. It doesn’t have the same level and design as the hotels mentioned above and since that its prices are friendlier. It is centrally located and has a nice breakfast.

Images from hotel’s facebook page

5 stars hotels

The Sanderson

For those who know what’s going on – A hotel designed by the mega designer Philippe Starck. A very chic and modern hotel at the heart of London, located a few minutes’ walk from Oxford Street. The hotel has spacious and pleasant rooms, wonderful service and a good breakfast. I also liked the fact that the bed is located in the middle of the room. It also has a stylish bar that many of London’s celebs like to go to. Tea time is also very fancy and expensive, but it’s worth to check it out.


Images from hotel’s website

St. Martin Lane

Another hotel from The Sanderson’s chain, also designed by Philippe Starck, in a different location on Covent Garden – an excellent and central location. A beautiful and modern hotel with bright and pleasant rooms.

Images from the hotel’s website

The Arch London

A 5 stars hotel of SLH – a global boutique quality hotels chain which I really like, In a wonderful location in the Marble Arch area near Oxford Street.

Images from the hotel’s website

For recommendations to Berlin visitors, read the following article

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