Things to do in Berlin

Last November I visited Berlin for the sixth time and I have a few recommendations I would be happy to share.

I love using Skyscanner search engine to look for flights, which compares between the different airlines. Just pay attention to the currency.

 So let’s go! Hit play on the following song  Which was written in the 1980s inspired by the wall that separated East Berlin from West Berlin


Berlin’s public transportation

The public transportation in Berlin is the most easy and comfortable in all Europe since it works 24/7, on the weekends as well and naturally it is punctual as one can expect. It has the U-Bhan which is basically an underground train, and the S-Bahn which is an upper train, and it also has the M which is the electric train (a tram). I paid 7 Euros for a daily pass to central A-B areas. The train tickets in Berlin are bought in a machine and you must have them stamped by the machines in order to validate the ticket. A number of times I was, personally, checked by conductors which are dressed as any other person. If you’ll get caught with an unsigned ticket, you’ll have to pay a fine of approximately 50 Euros. Not a pleasant experience. A ticket to Schonefeld cost me 3.4 Euros per direction. A recommended driver is a lovely guy named Tony, reliable and nice which charges 35 Euros per couple from Schonefeld to the center of Berlin. +491760435366


Surfing the internet in Berlin

On my last visit I didn’t buy a SIM card. There was no need to buy one, since I had WiFi in my hotel and almost in every mall or restaurant I went to. But if you want you can buy a SIM card in stores like Saturn or Media Market when presenting a passport.


Ways to get to know the city

Free tours on foot

Free English tours on foot leave every day from Brandenburg Gate at 11:00 and 14:00. The tours goes through the main cites. It is required to register in advance on the website


Tour bus

Another recommended way to get to know a new city is the tour bus. There are companies that operate tour bus services in a “get on and off as you please” system. Usually the tour is for one full day with many central stops throughout the city. You can use your headset and listen to many explanations about the city (in English). The stations are located around the city’s touristic cites. Check if there’s a students or retired discount.


Things to do in Berlin

Berlin wall – Naturally, it can’t be missed.

Berlin Zoo

When was the last time you saw a pole bear? The zoo is lovely and fun, there’s a significant discount for student card holders, and you can combine it with entrance to the aquarium. We were that excited with the aquarium, so in my opinion you can pass. Zoologicher garten station is on the U2 red line.

Sachsenhausen camp – located outside of Berlin

It is recommended for those who never visited a holocaust concentration camp and want to have an idea about that, but don’t expect too much. The camp was burnt by the Nazis and it is reconstructed. You can get there by taking a train from one of the main stations (Alexanderplatz or Friedrichstraße, etc.), take the S1 north to Oraninburg station and continue from there with the 804 bus (about 20 minutes by foot). The town itself is very pretty and you can find good food there.

An underground tour – Bonkers in Berlin

One of the powerful experiences in Berlin is the underground tour in bonkers that were left there since the cold war. Whoever loves history MUST take this tour. For further information, go to the website


DDR Museum

I didn’t had the chance to visit it yet, but I have hear it is very interesting. It tells about the history and life in Berlin on the East side during the communism. An interactive museum that is suitable for the entire family.


Shopping in Berlin

Basically most of the shops and malls are closed during Sunday so you should check the opening hours of each mall and place in advance.


The cheap and modern British clothing chain for the entire family has arrived to Berlin and there are a few branches in the city. It is highly recommended to spend at least a few hours of passing the time in store. The store is big and filled with everything of everything and all in low process!!!

Opening hours

Sunday – close

Monday-Saturday – 09:00-21:00

The store’s website

Alexa Mall – located on Alexanderplatz

This mall has many clothing and footwear stores for the entire family.

A recommended store is TK MAXX – Known designer cloths like Tommy Hilfiger, Ralf Lauren, etc. in low prices.

Opening hours

Sunday – close

Monday-Saturday – 09:00-21:00

How to get there?

Any transportation means that arrive to Alexanderplatz.

The mall’s website


Bikini Berlin Mall

Located in West Berlin near the zoo.  A new mall with a lot of young and trendy brands. You should go check it out.


Brands outlet mall – outlet outside of Berlin

An outlet mall with the best brands possible is located outside of Berlin. The easiest way to get there is by a direct shuttle bus that leaves on Friday and Saturdays. Additional details about opening house and ways of getting there you can find on the website


East Side mall – A new mall next to the Berlin wall, was opened recently, at the end of October. Go check it out


Mall of Berlin – Located on Potsdamer Platz, with all of the brands you love




Public bath houses in Berlin

Liquidrom – Hot tubs and spa treatments are highly recommended after a long walk in the city, just come and relax. You can also get spa treatments on the spot. A two hours entrance pass costs 25 Euros per person Located on Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Concerts in Berlin

I went to concerts in Berlin more than once (Depech mode, Coldplay, and more). You can always write on Goggle ‘Concerts in Berlin’. Some local websites through which I ordered tickets are Eventim and Ticketmaster.  These are recommended and official websites through which you can order tickets in berlin.



Where to eat?

If you like the Soho in New York and like good restaurants and cafes, Simon dach strasse on Friedrichshain is the place for you.




Another local restaurant I found and really liked. It has good food and a fun vibe, is Speisehaus.

I found a local restaurant on the west side that I really liked, an authentic German restaurant, where intentionally you can’t have Wifi is Dicke Wirtin.


Aiko – A great and not expansive Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant’s website:


Einstein café – A café you don’t want to miss out thanks to its delicious apple strudel and marzipan croissant.

There are a few branches throughout the city, the original is located on the west part of downtown: Nollendorfplatz where it is highly recommended to eat a Viennese schnitzel.

The restaurant’s website:


Kamps – A delicious sandwich chain, scattered in the entire city.


Café Ana Blum – I received so many recommendations for this café, which is located in a wonderful neighborhood.

The café’s website:


Curry 36 – You are in Berlin, won’t you eat an authentic German hot-dog? A permanently packed stand, full of customers, but the line runs pretty fast.

You can have a hot-dog with or without the skin. There are two branches in the city.

The stand’s website:

For an article about recommended hotels in Berlin, click here.

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