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 Weather:  Mauritius enjoys a relatively comfortable weather. The temperatures are quite moderate throughout the year even when it rains rain. The most pleasant time of the year to visit the island is between April and June and between September and December. Mauritius is located under the equator which means that the summer and winter seasons are the opposite that those in the northern part of the globe. The summer season: November-April the weather is hot and humid while on December and January the hit reaches its pick. Day time begins at 05:30 am and the sun sets at 07:00 pm. Summer is the best time to go scuba diving, especially between December and March, the same goes for deep water fishing. November-April is the time of the year in which Cyclone storms can hit the island, but since it is small the storms usually don’t enter the island, but go pass it. There are hotels next to the beaches that some of them are stormproof so there’s no need to worry. The winter season: May-October during this time the temperature is lower and winds tend to take over the island from east to south-east of the island. The low temperatures can get to 20° C at the beach on August. Sunrise starts at 06:45 am and it sets at 05:45 pm. This is the best time to surf (June-August). The average temperature for the season is 20° during the day on August and 26° on February. At the beach the temperatures are 3-5 units higher. The northern and western part of the island are hotter and dryer than the eastern and southern parts of it.

Flights –

Air France and Air Mauritius are the main airlines that serve the island of Mauritius with daily flights from Paris.

Take-offs from Paris are usually scheduled to the end of the day with arrival to Mauritius the day after. The flight’s duration is about 11 hours.

There also direct flights from Dubai, London, Istanbul and Amsterdam.

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Recommended hotels for a honeymoon by areas. We received the recommendations from local tourism company and from readers who stayed in those hotels.

Note that most hotels in Mauritius have special rates for couples on their honeymoon when presenting a marriage certificate – Newlyweds are usually considered to be a year after the actual wedding.


The northern part of the island – Turtle bay 

The Oberoi Mauritsuis


images from hotel’s website


The western part of the island

Trou Aux Biches Beachcomber  


images from hotel’s website


The western part of the island – Flic and Flac

La Pirogue A sun Resort 

images from hotel’s website

Hilton Mauritsuis

images from hotel’s website

The southern part of the island – Le Morne

LUX* Le Morne 

Images from the hotel’s website

Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort

Images from the hotel’s website

Paradis Beachcomber

Images from the hotel’s website

The eastern part of the island

Lux* Belle Mare


Images from the hotel’s website

The Residence Mauritius

Images from the hotel’s website


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