Recommended hotels in Greece/ Cyprus

(Hebrew) מלונות מפנקים מומלצים ביוון המתאימים לזוגות חלק ראשון

(Hebrew) במרחק טיסה קצרצרה ישנן מלונות מפנקים גם לזוגות, היתרון שלא חייבים לקחת חופש ארוך מהעבודה אלא מספיק סופ”ש קצר.

טיסות ליוון אני ממליצה לחפש דרך מנוע החיפוש  skyscanner  כאן תמצאו טיסות משלל חברות.


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SLH Cyprus – Luxury hotels in Cyprus

Last year I met the sales CEO of the chain SLH Small Luxury Hotels, which made me very happy. We talked about the wonderful hotels this chain has to offer. The chain’s hotels are boutique hotels at the highest quality possible – Spacious rooms, exemplary cleaning and an incredible and indulging service.

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Mitsis Alila

In the summer of 2017, I and my expanded family celebrated my father in law’s 70th birthday. At first we thought of taking a vacation in a nice indulging villa, but soon enough we realized that this time we really want to spoil ourselves as much as possible.

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Family hotels in Greece/Cyprus 11/04/2019

I love a good all-inclusive beach/pool vacation with the kids. It is comfortable and pleasant for everyone. Taking a short flight, you can find fun resorts for the entire family, and to me personally, it is important that us, the parents, will also enjoy. Meaning the hotel needs to be in a high level, the rooms should be pleasant and spacious, excellent food, private beach and of course – activities for the kids. Disclosure: This post might contain affiliates links. For further information go to Terms of Use.

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