Recommended hotels in Berlin

I keep going back to Berlin over and over again.
Only last November I went there for the 6th time.
Here you can read recommendations on liked and recommended hotels.

Melia Berlin

 A good hotel for me isn’t just a place to lay your head, but an experience that upgrades my trip. Last November I was in Berlin for the sixth time and it was the third time I  stayed in my favorite hotel – Melia Berlin.

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Hotels in Berlin

This is a question I’ve been asked lots of times, so in which neighborhood should you really stay in Berlin?

I have a few recommended answers to this question.

In general, Berlin is divided into two sections – East and West Berlin which were separated by the known Berlin wall until 1989. Today, most of the main attractions, cafes and restaurants are located in East Berlin.

For a first time tourist in Berlin I would recommend a hotel in East Berlin area called MITTE, which is the center just like its name. This area in filled with attractions, history, cafes, shopping areas and all kinds of hotels.

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