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(Hebrew) מלון מוקסי – שדה התעופה מינכן Moxy Munich Airport

(Hebrew) מה הסיפור? כולה מלון ליד שדה התעופה, אבל אתם כבר מכירים אותי נכון? גם ללילה אחד אני אחפש מלון שיהיה נעים ונוח לצרכים שלנו. בסוף יוני 2019, טסנו לטיול משפחתי בחבל זלצבורג אוסטריה,( שם בילינו במלון מדהים שאת כל הפרטים עליו אתם מוזמנים לקרוא פה). הדרך הכי נוחה וזולה עבורי הייתה לטוס דרך מינכן. הטיסה בחזור הייתה בתשע בבוקר ומכיוון שטיילתי עם שתי בנותיי הקטנות, הבנתי שהכי נכון עבורי זה ללון בלילה שלפני ליד שדה התעופה, וכך לקום בבוקר, לאכול ארוחת בוקר ולצאת לשדה התעופה- מרחק של חמש דקות נסיעה. ההחלטה שלי כמובן הייתה מצוינת, כי בנוסף לשעת הבוקר הקשוחה, אריאל קמה בבוקר הטיסה עם וירוס הקאות נוראי, והקרבה לשדה התעופה הקלה עלינו מאוד.



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(Hebrew) מלונות מפנקים מומלצים ביוון המתאימים לזוגות חלק ראשון

(Hebrew) במרחק טיסה קצרצרה ישנן מלונות מפנקים גם לזוגות, היתרון שלא חייבים לקחת חופש ארוך מהעבודה אלא מספיק סופ”ש קצר.

טיסות ליוון אני ממליצה לחפש דרך מנוע החיפוש  skyscanner  כאן תמצאו טיסות משלל חברות.


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Hotels in Budapest

A year has past since I flew to Budapest to celebrate my 37th birthday, just me and my husband. I remembered Budapest as a beautiful city, but I didn’t remember it was THAT beautiful!! I like to search for flight using SkyScanner search engine. The weather on March was cold and fun, it wasn’t very rainy and most days were sunny. As you already know, the most important thing for me is to choose the hotel I want to stay in.

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SLH Cyprus – Luxury hotels in Cyprus

Last year I met the sales CEO of the chain SLH Small Luxury Hotels, which made me very happy. We talked about the wonderful hotels this chain has to offer. The chain’s hotels are boutique hotels at the highest quality possible – Spacious rooms, exemplary cleaning and an incredible and indulging service.

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Mitsis Alila

In the summer of 2017, I and my expanded family celebrated my father in law’s 70th birthday. At first we thought of taking a vacation in a nice indulging villa, but soon enough we realized that this time we really want to spoil ourselves as much as possible.

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Recommendations for visitors in London

How many night should we be in London? As many as possible, but at least 5 full days.

Where to sleep? In the center, meaning London’s 1-2 areas.

London is divided into area and if you look at the map, imagine the shape of a bottle, this is actually its center.

Concerts in London

First thing, before or right after I book a flight, I check who performs in the city that time, Just search on that’s how got lucky to go to Katy Perry’s concert.

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Melia Berlin

 A good hotel for me isn’t just a place to lay your head, but an experience that upgrades my trip. Last November I was in Berlin for the sixth time and it was the third time I  stayed in my favorite hotel – Melia Berlin.

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Hotels in London 11/10/2018

Where to sleep?

In the center, meaning areas 1-2. London is divided to areas and if you’ll look at the map you can imagine a shape of a bottle. This is, in fact, the center of London. As you go deeper into the center, the hotels’ rates will naturally rise.







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Hotels in Berlin

This is a question I’ve been asked lots of times, so in which neighborhood should you really stay in Berlin?

I have a few recommended answers to this question.

In general, Berlin is divided into two sections – East and West Berlin which were separated by the known Berlin wall until 1989. Today, most of the main attractions, cafes and restaurants are located in East Berlin.

For a first time tourist in Berlin I would recommend a hotel in East Berlin area called MITTE, which is the center just like its name. This area in filled with attractions, history, cafes, shopping areas and all kinds of hotels.

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Hotels in Mauritius

Weather:  Mauritius enjoys a relatively comfortable weather. The temperatures are quite moderate throughout the year even when it rains rain. The most pleasant time of the year to visit the island is between April and June and between September and December. Mauritius is located under the equator which means that the summer and winter seasons are the opposite that those in the northern part of the globe.


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