About Me

A bit about me

Confused from the amount of hotels on the internet?


Secretour is a travel blog that recommends on the best hotels in Israel and around the world.

Hi, I’m Maya Berger Levy, I’m 37 years old, and I live in Qiryat haim, married to Lior and a mother to Ariel and Doron.

For 7 years I have worked in a large bank as an economist but I felt it wasn’t the right place for me.

Five years ago, I have decided to turn my love and passion into my profession and I founded Secretour. A travel agency specialized on the world’s best hotels.

I decided to change the way I work,  and I’m now focusing only on the blog,

so I could share the vast knowledge I have with a larger audience in Israel and around the world.

I accumulated my knowledge thanks to trips I took as well as thousands of clients for which I booked hotels in the last few years. for hundreds and thousands of clients who gave a positive

feedback. A hotel that my clients didn’t like, didn’t enter my recommendations’ list.

I also love music and combine songs that I like in posts on my blog.

In some of the links on the blog you’ll find Affiliates links and I will be very happy if you’ll book through them (for further information on the subject, go to the disclosure section on the Term of Use).

The blog is being regularly updated with new recommendations and destinations so it is recommended to follow it.

.If you have a hotel I must know about, you are welcome to contact me

Have a great time, Maya

Thanks to Rotem Tal for the photo.