Verwohnhotel Berghof in Salzburg – A panoramic view to the Austrian Alpes

This year we have decided to spend our family summer vacation in the Austrian Alpes, so I started looking for green scenery and experiences for the entire family. I knew I needed to find a hotel that suits all of our needs – a family that like to take trips but also be indulged. In my many searches and wandering on the web and in different Facebook groups, I found very little recommendations about hotels in Salzburg region. Therefore, I did what I do best, which is finding a hotel by myself, one that will suit us, firstly in its location and then in the facility it offers. Disclosure: This post might contain affiliates’ links. For further information go to Terms of Use.

First of all, why take a hotel? In fact, why not?

According to the different forums on Facebook and blogs, the absolute majority of Israelis touring in Salzburg, stays in apartments. I looked for a hotel that we can use as an ideal base for out

star tours”, but one that will also be indulging and at least half a pension. My daughters are young, age 4 and 7, so it fitted us like a glove.

Verwohnhotel Berghof is a small boutique hotel, family owned and managed. It was established about 30 years ago, and until today it is being run and owned by the family. The father is the hotel’s chef. It is located in Salzburg region, in an area called Saint Johann im Pongau. An excellent and ideal location for a family that wishes to take trips and tour Salzburg region.

Please note the hotel doesn’t have AC/fans. During those very hot days we opened wide the windows and on the rest of the time we spent there, the weather was lovely, since it is located on a mountain top.

We arrived to the hotel and on the moment I realized that this time, I really toped myself haha.



Verwohnhotel Berghof is combined of two structures and have a total of 64 rooms. An intimate and family friendly boutique hotel. It is suitable for couples, families, and even a man’s best friend on four is welcome in this hotel. The hotel is decorated as an Austrian Alepine Zimmer with wooden furniture and carpets all over the place. Just as we arrived at the reception, we were welcomed with a smile, and I felt I got to right place. The room we booked was a Panorama family suite, which have a bedroom, living room, and another bedroom for the children with bunk bed – a massive experience for our girls. The room was specious, about 40 square meters, and decorated in Alpine style – all made of wood and cover with carpets. The big double bed is very indulging and the room has a lot of storage closets, as well as a relaxing and wide seating area.





Every corner of the room gave me the feeling that the guests are in the mind of the owners. The bathroom is huge and it has everything – two sinks, for the children and parents, as well as small designed and branded soaps, a radio in the shower, and an indulging bathtub, big and nice towels, and also stools to make it easier for children! They just thought about every last thing. The climax of it all was a separate toilet, not in the bathroom. I loved it!




The most beautiful thing about the room is, f course, the view from the balcony. One big WOW! The Austrian Alpes in their glory, we even managed to see the top snowed mountain. From our room’s view we saw the cable car leading to one of the main attractions – the Ghost Mountain.





After recovering from the lovely room, I noticed the heat. It was 36˚C at 6:00 PM, that we changed into our swimsuits, put on robes, took the pool bag the hotel prepared for us in advance, and went downstairs to the hotel’s outdoors pool. The pool is perfect and the water is so nice.  Around it there are tan beds and parasols. The green view seen all around can’t even be displayed through photos. Just seating on the tan beds, having a cup of coffee, or a glass of Spritz Veneziano, and seeing the Austrian Alpes all around is a senses overload experience.

Next to the big pool, there’s also a small children’s pool with a slide. Next to it you will find a small cute playground, where my daughters went freely to play and find new friends, most of them were Germans. Near the hotel there’s a huge playground, and since the sunset is only at 10 PM during the summer, we spent many hours there.








. Near the hotel there’s a huge playground, and since the sunset is only at 10 PM during the summer, we spent many hours there.


The food:

Meals wise, we spent seven nights in the hotel on a half pension basis, and as mentioned, the owner is also the hotel’s chef. Each family receives a permanent table with the family’s name, where breakfast and dinner are served. An amazing view to the pool and mountains is included


A rich, colorful and divers buffet is being served each morning. It included different types of chees, sausages, jams, bread, juices, coffee, eggs with toppings as requested. The waiters and hotel crew smile all around. It didn’t take long before they knew our room number by heart, how I like my coffee (capuchino with soy milk), and my favorite wine.

The hotel serves lactose and gluten free dishes. Just tell your waiter, and he’ll take care of you.


Usually after breakfast, the girls went by themselves to the play room or playground, where starting a certain hour, is always manned with one of the team members.


During that time, we prepared the bags for another trip. Each morning a hotel magazine with recommendations for things to do in the hotel, such as mountain climbing, yoga, and more, is being placed in the desk. If you are in the hotel between 3PM and 5PM, snacks, cold and hot drinks, cakes and more are being serves, as part of the half pension basis.

We usually came back from our trip at around 6 PM, quickly changed to our swimsuits and go hand out in the pool.

Dinner is being served until 9:30 PM. Each morning you receive that day’s dinner dishes choice and will be asked to choose your first course, main course, and dessert. Dinner includes of salads and bread buffet, the first course is usually soup, main course is a choice of that evening chef dishes – duck, salmon, and a verity of delicacies. And how can you skip a good tasty dessert? Well, we just didn’t stop eating. And once more, if you are lactose/gluten sensitive, the chef will come up with something you can eat. It is extremely recommended to choose your dinner in advance, since it will save you time. Tap water are, naturally, free of charge, other types of drinks are not included and lead to additional payment, though the rates are fair. A glass of wine each evening, cost me only 5 euros. There are also happy meals for the children.




It is important for me to mention that it is a very intimate and cozy hotel, with a crew that doesn’t stop smiling, a high level of service awareness and pleasant. The hotel owner is always around, and you will quickly identify her and her heartwarming smile. Since it is located on a mountain and near the cable car leading to a ski resort, the busy time of the year for this hotel, is winter. Therefore, as any winter suiting hotel should have, there’s an entire spa floor with a warmed indoor pool, a sun terrace with tan beds, different types of sauna – dry, wet – and of course a jacuzzi. The entrance to the indoor pool and spa is by using your room key. Therefore, on the colder and rainy days, we spent time in the indoor pool.

Unfortunately, my vacation in this hotel is over for now. I highly recommend it. It made our vacation in to experiential and indulging. I’m already hunting a plane ticket for the winter


For rates comparison and availability, click here.

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